We specialise in the manufacturing, sales and rental of permanent and Semi-permanent solutions in the form of top of the line bedouin tents.


We have serviced festivals and events around the world. acquiring valuable experience that allows us to offer a superior service.


6 m | 9 m | 10 m | 15 m | 20 m/+
9 m  | 12 m | 15 m | 20 m | 30 m/+
Area Cover
54 m² | 120 m² | 150 m² | 300 m² | 600 m²/+


Do your tents offer full protection from the elements?

We offer tents that are 100% waterproof and offer complete rain protection. They are also wind resistant and provide 80 – 100% shade, depending on the specific design.

On average, how many people are required to adequately rig a tent?

The size of the tent plays a large role in determining the manpower required for rigging. In general, smaller tents (50 m2) require about two people, while larger tents (150m2) will require 3-5 people to set up.

How long does it take to pitch/rig/dismantle a tent?

It usually takes about 2-3 hours to rig or dismantle, also depending on size of tent.

Do your tents offer UV protection?

The tents have UV inhibitors built into the textile for long lasting colour and general durability.

Can I leave my tent up as a permanent structure?

We do manufacture permanent installations and would highly recommend using the PVC-coated textile for this application. Our team will measure the area to be covered. We then manufacture a bespoke product according to your requirements. Dimensions Tents installs all the rigging points and additional features making a permanent structure possible.

If yes, what is the average life span?

All our fabrics are pre-treated with a water repellant, anti-microbial (anti-fungal) agent and Teflon finish to ensure longevity of your tent. If left up, a tent will last anything between 3-5 years, depending on the area covered. If used on a short-term basis on various occasions, tents last decades.

How many colour options are there? 

We offer a wide selection of colours including beige, silver, white, black and red. If you have a specific colour in mind, we can offer you a palette range to choose from.